Due to the rise in web and mobile applications, programmers have become popular, and therefore they need to ensure they have the relevant skills to land their dream jobs. Experienced programmers have many opportunities in front of them, but there is high competition for the best roles such as CTO and many others.

Programmers need to work on several areas of their expertise to land their dream jobs. In this article, we share with you the main areas to sharpen your skills and land the dream job you have always wanted.

Cognitive bandwidth

Programmers need to learn various skills to succeed in…

Taking your developer career from mid-level highly paid job roles or even CTO. What skills do you need to advance your blockchain developer career?

Mid-level blockchain developers are in the enviable position of being able to choose from a number of rather exciting niche careers. What mid to upper level software developer jobs best suit your career goals and job satisfaction requirements? Are there new technologies you would like to work with?

Financial concerns are just as valid. Blockchain developers need to decide on an income bracket based on individual aspirations for earning potential and the available opportunities for each…

We interviewed Lara Martin, Android developer and Flutter user, to learn more about developing mobile app with Flutter.

Lara Martin is a Berlin-based Android developer. She is a Flutter user, and is also very active in the programming community. She has been sharing her knowledge worldwide through online platforms and speaking engagements. Her goal is to give access to useful apps to practically everyone.

Volume 90%

Flutter for newbies

Would you recommend Flutter to programmers who have no experience in mobile development?

I would say that, yes, I suggest trying Flutter to everyone regardless of your background. I think the learning curve is…

Contributing to an Open-Source Project is gratifying for a Developer, but it is also very demanding, as Michele Sciabarrà shared with us.

I’ve been thinking to become an Open-Source developer for a long time. In the past 15 years, I have tried many times to become involved in some open-source project but after some attempts, I gave up.

The main reason was generally more because I failed to follow the flow of the project and less because I had not enough time.

Let’s face it: if you really love the project, and you know the stuff good enough to contribute…

Learn what makes a good DevOps metric, and discover six metrics most organizations can use to evaluate the performance of DevOps teams.

What are DevOps Metrics?

DevOps transformation requires organizations to invest a lot of time, money, and resources, revisiting everything from communication and training to tools. The ability to clearly and accurately assess DevOps metrics and performance benchmarks is critical to defining goals, improving efficiency, and tracking success.

The choice of key performance indicators for a DevOps initiative depends on the specific challenges and requirements of the company. DevOps KPIs should provide a comprehensive view of business value and impact of the transformation. The right performance metrics can evaluate the value of existing work done, and guide future process and technology decisions.

In this article…

At Codemotion Milan, Airbnb software engineer Jessica Tai talked about their microservices migration from a Service Orientated Architecture.

So you’ve decided to migrate from monolith to microservices, what next? Such a redesign to service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a long, arduous journey that benefits from an incremental, iterative approach. Yet, such a microservices migration often must be done while still shipping new features, accelerating developer velocity, and growing the team in addition to ensuring there are no performance regressions.

Jessica Tai is a software engineer at Airbnb and works as an an infrastructure engineer on the Core Services team. She leads the user service, which integrates with all business verticals as one of Airbnb’s highest trafficked services. …

Setting developer career goals that make you feel motivated is what will get to the top of your developer profession or not.

As a developer aspiring to get on top of your career, you need to set goals that will help you reach the peak of your career and derive the best value to the company simultaneously. But how do you set goals for career development? In this article, we will explain to you how to go about it and ensure you achieve the best in your career.

Developer career goals: how to set yours

Career development goals determine the success you will achieve in your career. They help you devise methods to improve your skills as a developer and gain more experience to be a CTO. …

Chad Arimura shares his insights into how to think like an entrepreneur and the differences between founders and engineers.

At Codemotion we’re fortunate to speak with a range of thinkers, leaders, and changemakers. At Codemotion Madrid 2019 we had a presentation by Chad Arimura. He’s a three-time entrepreneur, most recently as co-founder and CEO of Iron.io where he grew a multi-million dollar ARR business helping pioneer serverless computing including some of the earliest usages of the term “serverless” in 2010. The company was sold in 2017 and he joined Oracle where he is Vice President of Serverless at Oracle, currently leading The Fn Project, open source serverless FaaS platform and orchestration.

Organisations have been benefitting from the use of DevOps principles to improve business outcomes. Sketchin has something new: DesignOps.

There’s plenty written about the role of DevOps in increasing cohesion within an organisation, speeding up innovation, reducing errors and increasing profitability. But what if these principles were applied to UX? At Codemotion Rome in 2019, we heard a fascinating presentation by people from design company Sketchin, Federico Rivera, Design Director, and Matteo Petrani, Technology Director, who shared how they were able to overcome operational inefficiencies through the implementation of DesignOps principles, employing a UX Engineer.

Sketchin has over 100 designers spread over 14 teams. They’re dedicated to a strong Agile practice, both within their developer team and large project…

We take a deep dive into the key issues of the annual State of AI report and the winners and challenges for the next year.

We know that technology tends to move in hype cycles, where certain topics and terminology are bandied around in press releases, news articles, research, and funding announcements. These include Blockchain, ICO, IoT, as well as AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. But what exists beneath the hype and how do we separate predictions from reality?

The State of the AI report is a yearly analysis by UK investors Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth which offers a 177 slides deep dive into all things AI based on invited contributions from well-known and up-and-coming companies and research groups. It’s a massive document…


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