Blockchain Developers’ Dream Job: What Are the Main Areas of Development?

Market demand for professional developers

The global spread of blockchain systems has created a growing demand for technical experts in new technologies; and good employment opportunities have opened up to cement your career.

Solid prospects for a career in blockchain

While blockchain tech has not followed the dramatic course of other new kids on the block like Cryptocurrency it has nonetheless been embraced for its potential in business. The latest research reveals that many CEOs and executives are considering the technology and its possible applications in their business models.

What blockchain developer job prospects are there?

As enterprises like VeChain, Corda, Hyperledger, and Ethereum became players in the field it has become clear that developers that offer CEOs a combination approach to problem-solving have begun to shine.

What skill sets will augment your blockchain developer career?

In addition to a strong background in software development, software specialists need to have extensive experience in working with open-source projects and large codebases. A strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms is another indispensable asset.

How do I choose my career path as a blockchain developer?

In order to best decide on a personal career path, developers need to have a strong sense of their strengths and areas of interest.

Data Structures

There is simply no way to skimp on expertise in this area. Data structures are an integral area of blockchain systems and developers must know how to work with the appropriate code — Patrecia and Merkle trees as just two examples.

Blockchain Architecture

Developers need a good understanding of cryptographic hash functions, consensus and distributed ledger technology. Reading and understanding whitepapers and informational articles, blogs, and pursuing expert certification will help developers gain the insight needed. Courses offered by universities or colleges will further enhance your skillset.

Smart Contract Development

The rise of the Ethereum blockchain has raised the profile of smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts in which the terms of the agreement between the buyer and the seller are written into code on a network. Expertise in smart contracts has become an integral skill for developers. Learning network-targeted languages like Viper, Chaincode and Solidity all form part of this skillset.

Web Development

A software developer usually a begins his career designing basic decentralized applications. Knowing the ins and outs of both front-end and back-end development, API handling, request handling, and interactive graphical user interfaces for Decentralised applications is critical.


Blockchain technology blends advanced cryptography and data structures so a comprehensive understanding of cryptographic hash functions (SHA256 and KECCAK256) as well as asynchronous cryptography (for creating digital signatures) is important for a blockchain developer.

What is the best developer position in digital blockchain?

Once a developer has attained the certifications needed and spent some time working in the field he may eventually reach the level of Chief Technology Officer. This is an executive level position in a company, similar to the CIO but one that deals with the scientific and technological aspects of running the business and manages the technical staff.

What kind of blockchain developer makes the most money?

Developers that are proficient in critical skills are likely to command the highest salaries. A good skill set should include technolgies such as SQL and NoSQL databases, Python, .NET, MVC, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, Solidity, HTML, Agile Scrum, REST and Git.

  • Blockchain data scientist
  • Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain engineer
  • Blockchain marketing manager
  • Blockchain machine learning engineer

What kind of blockchain jobs are most in demand?

According to Upwork, blockchain development is one of the most in demand skills among freelancers. with growth that exceeded 2,000 % for three quarters in a row and 6,000 % for year-over-year growth.

Career opportunities for a mid-level developer

Large companies offer changing opportunities for middle management in the areas of big data management, corporate blockchain networks, mobile, and device connectivity. There are management positions related to online trading, application security and development and quality control.

Expected salaries for a blockchain deelopment position

The current demand for intern to management level developers has been overwhelming in the last 5 years with an increase of 517% according to a new report from Hired. The report found that blockchain development skills ranked in the top three job openings worldwide and that blockchain engineers along with security engineers and embedded engineers, saw increases of 132% and 76% respectively.



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