Move over DevOps, it’s time for DesignOps and the role of UX engineer

Organisations have been benefitting from the use of DevOps principles to improve business outcomes. Sketchin has something new: DesignOps.

UX engineer in response to the challenge of the balance between design and development

The working relationship between developers and designers is not always smooth. As Federico explains, “We try to work with developers but if we have too much ego inside of the design or too much presence at design, development doesn’t go in the right way. At the same time, if there is too much engineering power to determine what kind of feature we need to develop first or in which way, the UX experiences suffer.”

ux design and development

Enter DesignOps and the UX engineer (DesignOps)

The idea of the UX engineer (UXE) was coined by Google, and it means to have one person who is both designer and developer. They are fully in charge to support the delivery team to build the solution with the best user experience as possible,” explains Federico.


Design systems plus design automation

According to Federico, something like a design system is perfect for a big company that has many touchpoints to handle to make, for example, distributed design teams to work together, as well as distributed development teams to work together and be coherent in the whole experience.

How do DesignOps work?

  • Pair up with designers in order to find those patterns and modules that build up your design and try to normalise them as much as possible. “A UXE can really help a designer to narrow down the UI elements to those essential and to build only those that are useful they are going to be merged in a single design library.”
  • In design operations, the aim is to get the right tools systems and practices in place to allow successful delivery at scale:
    Design operation is one of the core activities for us, inside the agile project are involved in Agile scale we have a team of 14 designers designing a whole suite of a software company. Our mission is to create currents, but we need to stay also inside the design development sprint for delivery. The UX engineer is inside the sprint of the development. The UXE is in touch with the design team and also to make 50% of the design choices that are not even been made by design team.”

Working off proof of concepts

designops: bringing together designers and developers



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