Thinking like a founder

Chad Arimura shares his insights into how to think like an entrepreneur and the differences between founders and engineers.

Chad Arimura: three-time entrepreneur, and founder of
Chad Arimura: three-time entrepreneur, and founder of

The three main functions of leadership

According to Chad, the CEO has three main functions:

  1. Get the people on the ship (people)
  2. Chart the ship’s course (vision)
  3. Make sure that you have enough fuel to cross the ocean (money)


According to Chad, it’s vital for a founder to constantly strengthen the relationship of the founding team. “This involves things like dreaming together, getting out of the office.” He also believes in the value of therapy: “In my first company, there were four co-founders. As we were college-aged and didn’t entirely know what we were doing, we had a professional mediator that would actually come in every couple weeks to help us create a safe space to kind of grow together.”

A great founder empowers their executive team

Executive teams and department leaders need to be empowered by founders who trust them to operate with autonomy. Chad asserts that “developers and engineers are really, really good at solving complex problems where you can sit down and you can zone out and you can kind of come up with a solution. It’s such a wonderful process to go through. But that skill that gets you to be a great developer or a great engineer is actually what holds you back as a co-founder or a leader of a team or a manager. And so you need to learn to empower your team.” He realised this with his last company where during times of difficulty “I would jump in, help solve problems, help keep the system up, I would watch the matrix of paper trail and logs and kind of, you know, do the kind of Keanu Reeves matrix thing. And suddenly, I would help solve the problem. And I felt like a hero. But on reflection, I was actually holding my team back from being self-sufficient in that.”

Culture is precedent for decision-making in your organisation when you’re not there

Chad sees company culture as critical. “Culture sets the precedent for how decisions are made when you’re not in the room.” He stresses, “You really want to make sure that you embody what you want to be in the decisions you make, and that you don’t expect your team to be something different.”

Vision: founders need to get out from their desk

According to Chad, “as engineers, we come in, and we solve problems, but we forget that what we’re actually solving a problem for some kind of business value or something was trying to guide our company towards something, having that vision. And just repeating that over and over again is absolutely critical.” Vision is what helps your team make decisions and needs to be continually reinforced.

team vision



The synergy of founders and engineers

Creativity and innovation, in particular creating something that previously never existed or being able to solve a problem that has plagued industries or society for generations is one of the powerful aspects of working as an engineer. Chad shares: “Whether you’re part of a large organisation, or a startup, you’re here to create and that’s one of the beautiful things about being an engineer. It’s also a very beautiful thing about being a founder because you’re creating something out of essentially nothing. It’s really an incredible feeling. We’re pioneers whether we are part of a larger organisation or part of our own small business. So if things are not failing, you’re not innovating enough.”



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