Vibrational energy: big data and small devices

“One important message is that the programmer has to listen to users, also if they ask for a completely different data display or options during all the app’s life-cycle steps.”

“The purpose of my apps is to connect people with events that happen in the real world.”

Sandro Stancampiano, Technology at Istat, exposing his project at Codemotion Rome 2019
Screenshots from the Italy’s Earthquake Notifications app
$xlat = $jsonDecode -> {'results'}[0] ->{'geometry'} -> {'location'}->{'lat'};
$xlon = $jsonDecode -> {'results'}[0] ->{'geometry'} -> {'location'}->{'lng'};
$sql= "UPDATE zns SET latitudine = '$xlat', longitudine = '$xlon' WHERE regione = 'Lazio' AND provincia = 'Rieti' AND comune = '$comunescape'";



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