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Transitioning from another career to become a developer

Not everyone needs to be a specialist

According to Russ Olsen, there’s a space for everyone on the team. He explained his experience working as a generalist:

The importance of non-technical skills for developers: people skills

Tools and Resources are Available to Help you Learn new Skills

Get involved in your community

Being involved in the developer community is not only a benefit to your social life but also your professional development, Luca Mezzalira, VP of Architecture at DAZN, asserts:

The experience of managing

Akhilesh previously worked at Uber as the company was undergoing a period of rapid growth. He notes the importance of autonomy as companies scale and the need to “let your team make their own decisions…Give them the autonomy to make the choices that are best for the thing that they are overseeing and then help hold them accountable”.

Break the rules when you fail



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