Be More Creative and Face More Challenges To Become a Better Game Designer

Game Creativity is Not Only from Gaming

Joseph Kingland is a senior game designer at Sumo Digital Ltd. In his talk he shared a number of cental tenants about Creative game design (CGD):

  • Creativity is a skill that can be practised
  • Creativity and game design is not just idea generation but the whole process
  • CGD is creating and solving practical problems
  • Creativity is the culmination of our experience and knowledge
  • Creativity is about creating and solving problems

Look beyond games for inspiration

While studying the style and mechanics of games is an integral part of design, Joseph recommends designers look beyond screens to outlets such as art, architecture, Japanese poetry, and sports. He shares the belief of a friend”

Restraints and Constraints can be Liberating

Joseph is a big fan of game jams and hackathons for The value of game jams
Hackathons and creating rapid iterations. He notes:

How to practice creativity as a skill:

  • Broaden your design palette by researching from a diverse set of sources
  • Embrace and apply limitations to fuel problem solving
  • Iterate early and often based on feedback to create new problems to solve

With Difficulty Comes Rewards

Em Lazer-Walker offered an in-depth exploration into how hacking old hardware can lead to the creation of a custom hardware game where cross-platform means something much further afield than desktop and mobile or browser and server.

game console from telephone switchboard

Playtesting is Valuable

Like Joseph, Em espouses the value of playtesting with some caveats. She notes:

make games from Arduino

Failure is real — and public when you’re a game developer

mars or die game

You can’t force people to play your game only the way you want

The game was also challenged by the misconception “Your game should be played as you think best.” Giuseppe shared, “One of our testers actually came up to us and said ‘Why do you hate keyboard players so much?’, because we designed the game for a controller.

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