6 Cloud Computing Skills Needed to Boost Your CV This Year

In this post we’ll outline the key tech-oriented cloud competencies that can guarantee your CV stands out from the crowd.

1. In-depth knowledge of cloud technologies and platforms

Cloud-based hirers will undoubtedly require potential employees to have knowledge of at least one of the big cloud platforms. Whether that’s Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Specialist expertise in one platform may suffice for some jobs, but multi-platform experience adds an element of versatility employers will like.

Containerization is a sought after skill

Containerization is another increasingly sought after area of expertise. Containerization has become a leading trend in software development as an alternative — or add on — to virtualization. It involves packing up software code and it’s dependencies, and preparing it to run on different types of infrastructure.

2. Ability to work within an integrated and multi-cloud environment

The cloud is a term that’s often used to describe anything and everything that’s delivered online. From Software-as-a-Service (Saas) apps to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), this terminology reflects a trend: That of companies increasingly having to manage a dynamic mix of cloud services, vendors, and types of cloud (public, private, or hybrid).

3. Industry and vendor cloud certifications

Most employers expect to see relevant industry and vendor certifications on an IT resume. And this applies to the cloud. Amazon and Microsoft run their own training programs leading to a certificate in AWS and Azure respectively. And Google offers a training course that leads to a Google Cloud Certified qualification.

4. DevOps is increasingly valuable on an IT CV

Because the cloud environment is constantly changing, traditional ways of doing things are becoming obsolete. DevOps is becoming a hot commodity in the cloud computing jobs market — so having this skill on a CV will attract an employer’s attention.

5. Good management and communication skills

As well as good technical skills, cloud computing requires that staff have a wide range of business skills. Companies are quick to hire people they see as good at both communicating and negotiating. The ability to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders (e.g. departments and vendors) is critical.

Dealing with internal employees

In this new era of cloud computing, the lockdown approach of IT (an ‘us-versus-them scenario) no longer applies. Now it’s a case of leading rather than policing — and encouraging staff to make better choices.

  • Driving the build of the cloud
  • Determining the right cloud architecture for an organization
  • Understanding opportunity cost. I.e., how much money can be saved by improving app performance management. For example, ensuring an employee time clock app is operating at optimum efficiency

Dealing with external vendors

Externally, it’s essential to have a sound understanding of how the cloud-first environment works. This includes knowing how to keep up with the demands of the vendor landscape. Future employees will preferably have industry-related cloud solutions knowledge.

Negotiation skills

The ability to translate financial awareness into achieving the best deals with vendors is increasingly seen as an invaluable trait by employers. Candidates with advanced negotiation skills will attract the attention of prospective employers.

6. Measurement and analysis

Employers in the field of cloud computing value candidates with demonstrable experience in metrics and analytics. This includes the ability to extract useful insights from often vast amounts of data. Employees will be tasked with providing accurate estimates, when it comes to cloud resources — something that is necessary in any case to measure ROIs.


Application performance is another important aspect when it comes to analytics. That encompasses everything from granular software analytics to monitoring the performance of applications. An ability to use these skills pre, during, and post cloud migration is essential.

Business-related analytics

Certain stakeholders will require different sets of metrics. Cloud professionals with experience in delivering custom analytics, tailored to the needs of multiple audiences, will stand out. Candidates that can demonstrate the ability to capture and turn data into useful insights via the use of various tools, e.g. New Relic, indicate that they can add value to an organization.



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We help tech communities to grow worldwide, providing top-notch tools and unparalleled networking opportunities.